Ray Sawyer

I’m the founder of the Dark Angel Paranormal Group. I am what some might call a sensitive or psychic I feel and see things.  I started the group in 2005 and have had some very wonderful people come and go from the group, I am attempting to find answers to everyone’s questions about the afterlife and I will help everyone I can in the process.   

Jim Deschenes

I retired several years ago from the Federal Government and since then I have been active in paranormal investigations. I have experienced paranormal activity over the years but still remain a skeptic and will study each occurrence and only when I can’t disprove it or find a reasonable explanation will I accept it as being paranormal.

Angela Deschenes

Having had my first paranormal experience at the age of five, I developed a lifelong interest in the supernatural.   I have had great success in communicating with the spirits in the form of evp’s and disembodied voices. For me, investigating the unknown is not a hobby, but a serious and passionate endeavor.

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